Invisalign helped these Alexandria residents straighten their smilesWhen it comes to the spectacular, modern orthodontic treatment referred to as Invisalign, Alexandria residents are discovering that it’s the gift from Dr. McMillan that just keeps on giving. If you’re not familiar with Invisalign, it’s a high-tech method of straightening teeth that has taken the dental industry by storm.

Invisalign employs a modern twist to traditional orthodontics, and proves superior in addressing common patient concerns concerning metal braces, including:

1. Straightening Time Required—Invisalign can provide the same straightening results as regular metal braces, but in a fraction of the time. On average, Invisalign treatment is completed in only 6-12 months.

2. Comfort—Invisalign does not employ the use of metal brackets and wires that can often cause irritation and discomfort to the gums and cheeks. It utilizes a custom-made series of aligner trays created specifically for the needs of your teeth. These aligners are simply slipped over your teeth without irritation.

3. Virtually Undetectable—No more fear of metal mouth. The Invisalign aligner trays are made of a clear, composite high-tech resin that is virtually invisible. They gradually move teeth into the optimal position, with most people unaware that you’re getting your teeth straightened.

4. Oral Health Maintained—Metal braces are attached directly to teeth. Invisalign aligner trays can easily be removed when brushing or flossing, providing superior cleaning capability.

Contact us at McMillan & Associates today to get further information on Invisalign, or to make a smile-transforming appointment. Please pass this information on to your friends and family whom you feel could also benefit from the superiority of Invisalign. Alexandria residents have every reason to boast amazing, picture-perfect smiles, thanks to Dr. McMillan.

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