If you feel anything but confident when you smile in the mirror, you
may consider a cosmetic dental procedure to enhance the appearance of
your smile. At McMillan & Associates, we love giving our patients
the ability to smile broadly without the need to cover their mouths in
shame! However, if the idea of cosmetic dentistry seems daunting to
you, our caring team would like to ensure you that attaining that
gorgeous smile may be closer than you think!

Thanks to advances in dental technology, teeth whitening is easier
and more effective than ever before. Imagine a customized solution from
your dental team in Burke and Alexandria, teeth whitening just for your
mouth! With the use of Zoom! in office teeth whitening, as well as
custom fitted take home bleaching trays, patients of McMillan &
Associates can achieve a dazzling white smile in one appointment, and
maintain that gorgeous shade for years to come!

When performed by your McMillan & Associates dentist in Burke or
Alexandria, teeth whitening can transform your life by giving you the
confidence to smile without inhibition! If you have any questions
regarding this exciting service, we invite you to contact us without

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