Alexandria DentistHave you ever wondered how fluoride protects your teeth?

Plaque is a sticky bacterium constantly forming on your teeth, and each time you eat and drink sugary or starchy items, the plaque mixes with the sugar and starches to become acid. These acids then attack your tooth enamel and try to cause decay. The longer the acid attacks, the bigger the cavities. However, if you apply fluoride, it’ll strengthen and protect your tooth enamel from future acid attacks. Children who receive regular fluoride treatments receive up to 40% less cavities than those who do not. By using regular fluoride treatment, you’ll be a step ahead in cavity prevention.

There are a couple ways to get access to fluoride:

  • Ask Alexandria dentist Dr. McMillan to add fluoride to your hygiene appointment.
  • Buy toothpaste that have fluoride in them
  • Buy mouth rinses containing fluoride
  • Drinking certain water sources

Cavities won’t stand a chance if you regularly use fluoride. Let your mouth live a long healthy life by contacting your Alexandria dentist today.

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