Dental Care Alexandria At McMillan Sedation Dentistry, we understand the importance of promoting good oral health. In providing high quality dental care to Burke area residents, we have seen firsthand how good oral hygiene and regular dental visits help the patient on many levels. It’s not just the oral health of the patient that is protected, but also the overall health in general.

Periodontal disease (gum disease) for example, has already been directly linked to heart disease, stroke, and other illnesses. Recently, a study carried out by the Journal of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment showed similar findings related to breast cancer.

The study included over 3000 women, and showed that women who suffer from periodontal disease have a higher incidence of breast cancer. In fact, women who had already lost teeth due to periodontal disease were shockingly 11 times more likely to develop breast cancer as well. The co-relation between the two appears to be due to bacteria and a suppressed immune system, caused by the periodontal disease and tooth loss. No doubt, further studies will be able to provide further insight on the matter.

One fact though is absolutely clear. Promoting good oral health is not something that should be taken lightly. A healthy, enjoyable life is directly connected to eating properly and diligent dental care. Burke residents can benefit from the expertise of Dr. McMillan and his team in promoting happy, healthy lives and smiles.

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