Burke Orthodontics Are the edges of your teeth starting to look thin, perhaps almost translucent? McMillan Sedation Dentistry improve the lives of Burke residents via orthodontics and other dentistry techniques designed to bring greater health, comfort and beauty to you and your smile.

What may be the cause of your “thinning” teeth? Has a bedmate ever commented on the sound that your teeth make in the night…perhaps a grinding noise?

Grinding or clenching teeth habits can usually be held as the culprit responsible for thinning teeth. Enamel that was only intended to contact the opposing enamel for relatively brief periods each day is now being subjected to at least 16 times more wear! Individuals still in their 20’s and 30’s have even managed to wear enamel to the point that they’ve exposed dentine (the second and much softer layer under the enamel). This leaves teeth seriously vulnerable.

If you’re noticing unusual wear on your teeth, a dull, constant headache or sore jaw, this could be a sign you need to investigate further whether you’ve developed the unhealthy habit of teeth grinding or clenching. A visit to our Burke orthodontics expert will help identify the source of your problems, and provide you with the means to alleviate the damage. Call today!


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