Here at our practice, we are dedicated to providing the absolute best to our patients. For Dr. McMillan and Dr. LaViola, this means continuing education, and having the latest options in dental technology.

We recently installed new CT scan machines at both our Alexandria dental center and Burke dental center. The new machines significantly assist Dr McMillan & Dr LaViola in in evaluating and diagnosing patients

Burke Dental Center

Alexandria Dental Center

The new Gendex GX DP-700s is top of the line, and was voted Best Panoramic X-Ray by the Dental Townie Choice Awards. The machine can image in both 2D and 3D . These images provide the doctors with dependable information for diagnosis and treatment planning of decay, root fracture, implants, and multiple surgical procedures.

 Dr. McMillan and Dr. LaViola are excited to use the new imaging units to assist in implant diagnosis, treatment planning, and pre-surgical assessment of dental implant sites. We are dedicated to providing the very best options in dental care. Contact us today!




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