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When you choose a Burke dentist, do you consider their level of education a must? We hope you do.


That’s why earlier this month, Dr. LaViola and I attended the Alabama Implant Education implant surgical residency program in Bessemer, AL. It was a week-long event, and we trained in Advanced Dental Implant surgical techniques, with emphasis on multiple implant placements, particularly as they relate to fixed and removable implant-supported dentures, bone grafting to augment bone-deficient sites to allow for implant placement, tissue management, and advanced treatment planning.


Our training was conducted at the Foundry Dental Clinic, where Dr. LaViola and I are standing in the photo.


I am planning on attending an advanced course that they offer, which is titled as their Comprehensive Implant Residency Program. The course spans 10 months, and will offer further advanced training in implants, bone and sinus grafting.


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