Dentist In Alexandria Whether it’s just you or a family of many—your dentist in Alexandria suggests reviewing the following points to ensure you’ve allied with an insurance plan offering both the highest quality services and affordable prices. What should you ask of your insurance provider?

  • What does the total annual cost for coverage amount to? And what is the deductible?
  • Are you permitted to choose your own dentist, or do you have to select one from their network? McMillan & Associates have a loyal client base that would be devastated to be directed elsewhere.
  • What are the limitations or exclusions? If you have a small child, it may be that they require braces later down the road—will this be covered? If you need crowns, what percentage is paid for by insurance?

Comparison shop: An enticing offer might in fact lead you to throw money out the window each month in premiums if the coverage proves insufficient for your family’s needs. Take your time in researching these valuable points.

  • What are the basic benefits offered? Ensure it has a minimum of 2 preventative dental checkups per year that include professional cleanings for eliminating plaque.
  • Who is included in the annual coverage? If you are buying insurance coverage for the entire family, be sure each member has at least the basic coverage mentioned above.

Our dentist in Alexandria is anxious to ensure your oral health doesn’t suffer. Learn more about our helpful services and guidelines for lasting protection of your smiles.

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