Dental Implants BurkeAre you embarrassed to smile because gaps in your smile left behind by missing teeth? You can have a beautiful smile again with dental implants performed by Dr. McMillan, and not settle for embarrassing dentures.

Dental implants not only restore your smile aesthetically, it allows you to regain your ability to eat, speak, and chew more efficiently. It doesn’t require shaving down your surrounding teeth making your oral health last a lifetime. When a tooth is missing, the jaw bone of the void starts to deteriorate over time resulting in sunken facial muscles. A titanium post is surgically inserted into the jaw where the jaw bone fuses with the post. The post mimics the tooth structure halting the deterioration process. A crown will then be placed and Dr. McMillan will successfully blend the crown naturally with your smile where it will seem you never received any restorative dentistry.

While the initial investment may be more, dental implants are superior in the long run. If you keep up with your daily oral routine and regularly visit Drs. McMillan and LaViola, your dental implants in Burke will give you a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

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