As a successful adult, the idea of sporting metal braces does not seem to be an appealing option.

Does this mean that you’ve missed the boat to gain gorgeous, beautifully aligned teeth and are stuck with only two choices—either disliking your crooked smile, or having to endure the “metal-mouth” look as an adult?

Invisalign® is the modern twist to braces, straighten your teeth discreetly and efficiently with Invisalign in Burke, VA by Dr. McMillan

Invisalign® is a great option for adults!

It’s Still Not Too Late

That’s right! It’s never too late to perfect your smile!

Modern dentistry has evolved considerably in the past number of years. In fact, leading cosmetic dentist in Alexandria, Dr. Alex McMillan provides Invisalign® as the superior alternative for teeth straightening that simply wasn’t available when you were growing up.

“When I was told I was a candidate for Invisalign® invisible braces, I was much more comfortable about getting my teeth straightened. Now I look back at my old pictures and say, ‘See, this is why I did that.’” – Amber, patient of Dr. McMillan

Adults make up nearly half of orthodontic patients who are re-inventing their smiles. Invisalign® has helped more than 2 million smiles worldwide, and continue to change people’s lives one smile at a time.

The reasons are clear on why people prefer Invisalign® over traditional orthodontics. Listen to Sal’s and Erin’s story on their experiences with Invisalign.

“Everyone I know that’s done it [Invisalign] has been tremendously happy.”

Reaping the Benefits

Attaining a picture-perfect set of teeth is well worth the effort and the investment to obtain perks such as:

  • Boosting confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improvement in relationships on both a professional and personal level.
  • Better oral health.

You Can Love Your Smile

Remember, regardless of the number of years you’ve disliked your smile, it’s still not too late to make it loveable thanks to the miraculous benefits of Invisalign® in Alexandria and Burke, VA at McMillan Sedation Dentistry.

“I’m no longer ashamed to give a full smile, and I’m more confident. I even catch myself looking in the mirror because now I like my smile.” – Amber, patient of Dr. McMillan

Schedule your Invisalign consultation with us today. We’d be happy to address your concerns, and discuss how you can achieve a smile as an adult that leaves you giddy like a child!

Share with us: How many celebrities can you list who’ve pursued adult orthodontics to straighten their smile?

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