If the prospect of straightening your teeth and enjoying the enhanced
appearance of a beautiful smile isn’t enough to motivate you to seek
out an orthodontist in Burke or Alexandria for metal braces, consider
the benefits of Invisalign! Aside from the obvious reason for
undergoing orthodontic treatment, a new and gorgeous smile, teeth that
are aligned properly have lifelong health benefits as well!

Undergoing Invisalign treatment with the experts at McMillan & Associates holds the following potential benefits:

  • Healthier gums. Teeth that are aligned properly have been
    proven to promote better gum health, giving less opportunity for
    bacteria to colonize and cause periodontal disease than teeth that are
    crowded together. This means that by straightening your teeth, whether
    using Invisalign from our office, or metal braces from an Orthodontist
    in Burke or Alexandria, could mean that you actually keep your teeth
    longer, hopefully your entire life.
  • Improved function of your teeth. When the upper and lower jaws
    fit together the way they are meant to, speech and chewing are
    improved. Poorly aligned teeth can lead to headaches, mouth pain, and
    difficulties with speech, just to name a few.
  • Improved self-confidence. Badly aligned teeth cause many
    people to hide their smiles in shame. The ability to smile without
    inhibition increases self-confidence and can open the door to more
    opportunities in life!

So if you are looking for a qualified Alexandria or Burke
Orthodontist to provide straight teeth solutions, consider scheduling a
consultation for Invisalign treatment at McMillan & Associates today! We look forward to hearing from you!


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