With the holiday season in full swing, we know that our Burke,
Alexandria and Washington, DC dental patients find themselves tempted
with more and more sweet treats! In today’s blog post, therefore, we
want to discuss some basics in oral hygiene and prevention of dental
decay, for adults and kids alike.

While the team at McMillan
& Associates
recommends visiting our highly-trained hygiene
department to receive a completely customized “oral wellness program,”
the building blocks of a healthy mouth apply to everyone. Here are some
tips to keep in mind, not only while more sweets are available, but

  • Enjoy sugary foods and beverages in moderation.
  • Supplement your diet with plenty of water.
  • Brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Floss properly at least once per day.
  • Remember to schedule regular dental exam and cleaning appointments with your expert Burke dental providers: Dr. McMillan, Dr. Murfree and team!

At McMillan
& Associates
, our Washington, DC dentists located in Burke and
Alexandria are committed to helping our patients maintain beautiful
smiles for life. For more oral health and wellness tips, check back
here regularly, and feel free to contact our office. We can’t wait to
hear from you!

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