Dental Care Washington DC How often should you visit the dentist? Should visits be made only when experiencing pain or other serious oral health problems? In providing premier dental care for Washington DC area residents, Dr. McMillan and his team from McMillan Sedation Dentistry can shed some light on these questions.

Even within the same family, individuals are unique, including when it comes to the condition of their teeth and gums and what is required to promote good oral health. Varying factors, such as if an individual is a smoker, uses illegal drugs, has an eating disorder, is pregnant, or suffers from health concerns such as diabetes, may increase the risk of developing such oral health issues as periodontal disease. This can influence the frequency of dental visits and the procedures that are required to maintain a healthy mouth.

For most people, a good rule of thumb is to go to the dentist every 6 months for a dental examination and to receive a professional cleaning. Once Dr. McMillan assesses your teeth and gums, he may suggest visits with more or less frequency depending on such factors as how well you have cared for your teeth and gums, tartar buildup, and any concerns that need to be checked or treated.

Even when your teeth and gums feel healthy, scheduling regular check-ups protects your mouth. This allows your dentist to use his expertise and modern technology to identify problems you may not even be aware you have, such as cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. Finding these early allows for treatment before the condition becomes more pervasive and painful. This promotes better health and less extensive dental work, which means it saves you time and money.

Whether you need dental work, have not visited the dentist for quite some time or it is once again time to schedule your 6 month visit, remember that prevention plays a huge part of good oral hygiene. Make an appointment with Dr. McMillan and his team from McMillan Sedation Dentistry today. Their extraordinary knowledge and experience in providing high quality dental care for Washington DC area residents can also help you to keep the healthy, happy smile that you need.


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