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Winter is fast approaching! It’s becoming that time where dressing in warm clothing is essential in order to stay warm and healthy. However, there are families who are less fortunate and unable to provide the necessary clothing to stay warm. Your caring dentist in Alexandria wants to remind you to donate any of your hats, mittens, coats, and scarves to our office at McMillan & Associates.

We are partnering with the Junior League of Northern Virginia (JLNV), in which we will wrap all of the donated clothing and bring it to the Westin at Tyson’s Corner on Friday, November 16th as part of the JLNV Enchanted Forest event occurring shortly after. Dig through your drawers, come visit our office, and provide us with your extra clothing! Your thoughtful donations will help many families stay warm for this chilly winter. Please call McMillan & Associates if you have any questions, and any donation is greatly appreciated!

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