Burke Dentist McMillan & Associates bring only the best to their Burke patients. Dentist Dr. Alex McMillan proudly relates his recent hands-on experience in perfecting the art of dental implants.

After attending a course sponsored by the Global Dental Implant Institute of Toronto, which was supported by the esteemed Dr. Hom-Lay Wang, he noted, “It was a summary of the three previous courses taken there this past year, emphasizing advanced periodontal and implant surgical techniques, and an opportunity to apply those techniques in a cadaver surgical setting. It was a fantastic learning experience, and I gained a lot of understanding and insight in advancing my surgical skills.”

In the field of dentistry, being taught by Dr. Hom-Lay Wang is a privilege worth boasting about. Revered in the field of Periodontology and being Board Director of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) are merely two of Dr. Wang’s many professional accomplishments. His research and expertise on dental implants rank him one of the world’s top five educators on dentistry! He is author or co-author of at least 20 book chapters/reviews and more than 180 scientific articles. How can you not be impressed?

Does Dr. McMillan’s extensive training on dental implants under Dr. Wang’s tutelage actually affect you? Yes. The success rate of a dental implant is closely linked with the surgical techniques that have been employed. And the ability to implement various techniques is essential because the needs of each client can be varied. The advancement with dental implants has been fantastic, so trust your care to Burke dentist Dr. McMillan, who makes it his business to be informed and expertly trained to benefit you!


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