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, Aesthetic, Implant & Sedation Dentistry we are
dedicated to giving our Burke, Alexandria and Washington, DC dental
patients their most beautiful, vibrant, healthy smiles! In today’s blog
post, we will answer some frequently asked questions regarding , one of our most popular aesthetic services!

Do over-the-counter teeth whitening systems work?

A: While over-the-counter teeth whitening strips and
trays have similar active ingredients to those distributed in dental
offices, only a licensed dental professional can distribute and
administer these in a high enough concentration to whiten teeth quickly
and effectively.

Am I a candidate for professional teeth whitening?

A: Happily, we find that the majority of our patients
are able to achieve brilliant results with professional teeth
whitening. We recommend a thorough teeth cleaning prior to whitening,
as well as an exam to ensure that the teeth are decay and disease free.

Is teeth whitening safe?

A: The health and safety of our patients is our top
concern. Both our take-home teeth whitening trays and in-office Zoom!
whitening are proven safe and effective.

How long will the results of my teeth whitening last?

A: The results of both our take-home whitening trays
and in-office Zoom! whitening are semi-permanent. While some eventual
backslide in color is likely, most will never return to their original
dark, stained shade! Our highly-trained team is ready to educate you on
foods and habits to avoid in order to maintain your bright, white smile
as long as possible.

For Teeth Whitening in Alexandria and Burke, VA, please contact McMillan & Associates today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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