Full Mouth Rehabilitation

We’re Big On Second Chances. Dr. McMillan is the Northern Virginia dentist to restore your oral health with full mouth rehabilitation.

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Our dentist in Burke combine the science of restorative and the art of cosmetic dentistry to restore function, beauty, and health to all of your teeth. We provide a total restorative treatment solution.

We begin by fixing damaged areas and then move into the cosmetic phase (where the magic happens). We are proud to be among the leading Northern Virginia Dentists.

Your individualized plan may include:

Dr. McMillan and his staff are exceptional to new patients. I hadn't been to the dentist in years and was fretting going into a new office. They took great care of me. This experience, along with their willingness to answer my questions, is the reason I highly recommend Dr. McMillan.

Actual Patient Review

It's Never Too Late

No case is too challenging. Dr. McMillan can give you the confidence of a healthy smile.

Always First-class Dental Care

It's never too late to be yourself again! We'll design a natural, healthy smile using expertise care.

Individual Treatment Plan

We focus on you to customize a treatment plan that works for your budget, schedule, and needs.

Thorough & Comprehensive

Your treatment plan will allow you to regain a natural, healthy smile and improve your overall health.

Results That "Wow"

When we finish, strangers will assume your smile is a result of great genetics. You’ll be amazed.

Let Us Bring You From Hope To Reality.

A rejuvenated healthy, functional smile is possible.

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