Cone Beam CT Guided Implants

Getting it right the first time, every time!

Accuracy + Predictability = Confidence

Cone Beam CT is a 3D imaging system that allows Dr. McMillan to analyze, plan, and place implants with surgical precision.

The Cone Beam CT's high-resolution images allow for complete 3D views for easier and accurate analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation.

That means predictable and beautiful results for your implant placement - getting it right the first time, every time!

Cone Beam CT-Guided Dental Implants

From Planning to Restoration - You Can Be Assured of Beautiful Results

Cone Beam CT Guided Implant Scan

Cone Beam CT collects precise data regarding:

  • Bone levels
  • Surrounding anatomy
  • Concavities
  • Bone height

Especially when placing multiple implants, the perfect position can be determined for each restoration. A surgical guide is created to allow Dr. McMillan to perfectly place each dental implant.

Bonus: You are able to see what your finished restorations will look like before we even get started on them!


‘‘Every patient deserves a doctor who is constantly trying to improve his or her skills. Because I want to offer only the highest quality dental care to my patients, I accrue an average of 100 additional hours of continuing education yearly, including the latest technology for implants and implant retained teeth.‘‘

Dr. Alex McMillan IV

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