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See before and after photos of life-changing dentistry - by our cosmetic dentist in Northern Virginia!

Real Cases Completed by our Cosmetic Dentist in Northern Virginia

Dr. McMillan is a Leading Dentist in Northern Virginia with More Than 3 Decades of Life-Changing Passion.

After a long time away from dental care, I received a comprehensive overhaul of my whole set of teeth. Dr. McMillan Sedation Dentistry are very professional and very attentive to the personal needs of patients, explaining each step and procedure carefully, with great concern about the patients' reactions at every moment of treatment. I now have much incentive to take better care of my teeth than I have in the past.

Ed H., Actual patient of our dentist in Northern Virginia

Very nice people! I have a long history of fear of the dentist - - at McMillan Sedation Dentistry, I feel safe in the dental chair.

Sara L., Actual patient from Haymarket

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